Install Bitdefender Antivirus

How to Install Bitdefender Antivirus on your PC

Bitdefender Antivirus Software is offering the best and advanced technology to eradicate all the harmful ransomware from your Windows operating system. It is a plethora of myriad features which will keep your PC in running condition always. So, you can use your operating devices without any hurdles for a long time. Users need to Install Bitdefender Antivirus on their PC to take all the benefits.

Reasons to Install Bitdefender Antivirus

  • It guards your files or folders because File needs to be protected.
  • You can do your downloads easily and safely.
  • Its firewall is effective becauseĀ it offers your internet two-way security
  • It scans and detects all harmful malware
  • It blocks all the threatening virus because it is harmful.
  • Offers full protection to your PC
  • It safeguards your digital identity
  • Provides secure getaway for all online transactions because online is the big reason for threat.
  • Its anti-spam tool prevents all unwanted messages in your Inbox
  • It also prolongs the battery life of your laptop
  • It guards all your information online and helps in syncing it between devices
  • Offers parental control so that you can check the online activities of your children

Key features of Bitdefender Antivirus Installation

  • The first feature of Bitdefender Autopilot.
  • Global Protective Network
  • Bitdefender Photon
  • Battery Mode
  • Movies, games and work modes

Steps to Install Bitdefender Antivirus

  • The first step is if any other antivirus software already installed on your PC, remove it because it is not useful for you now.
  • You can use the help of Bitdefender uninstall tool to remove all Bitdefender old files
  • Restart your operating system similarly you start always.
  • Proceed with the Bitdefender Antivirus Installation
  • Install latest Bitdefender Antivirus software by following instructions carefully
  • Go to Bitdefender Central Account if you have already because if you have an account so you do not need an account.
  • Otherwise, sign up for the new Bitdefender account
  • Then choose MY Devices panel
  • Tap on INSTALL Bitdefender option
  • Download the installation agent by clicking on the Download button
  • Select MY Subscriptions panel
  • Tap on the ACTIVATE CODE button
  • Type the valid code in it
  • Click on ACTIVATE and your subscription is activated
  • Choose the language of installation
  • Click Install
  • Click finish

Install Bitdefender Antivirus

These are the steps through which Bitdefender Users can install Bitdefender Antivirus. If they find any difficulty in Bitdefender Antivirus Installation, they can call at Bitdefender Antivirus Support anytime. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our Bitdefender Support will always be there for you becauseĀ users are first property.